You’ve invested heavily in your site, but traffic is scarce. Your website is not visible in the first few pages of Google. If this is the scenario, you need to know that one of the most effective ways to increase your rankings and drive referral traffic to your site is through the process of link building.

Here is a list of 5 link building tactics for new websites to get them the desired outcome.

  1. Be a Content Marketer: Unleash powerful content on a consistent basis. Link building is the process of earning links on other websites. The best way to earn them is to create content that other bloggers and content marketers will want to reference. This is called ‘link bait’. When you create extremely high-quality posts that cover all angles of a topic and that remain relevant over time, you’re building content that others will rely on as a resource. This type of content naturally attracts links and citations.
  2. Be a Networker: Build your social profiles by connecting with people in your niche. Remember that “People buy from people” and similarly, people link with people and not websites. If you want to have a legitimate and strong linking, develop the trust built on the authority of a great content.
  3. Blog Based Link Building – Start a blog and network online with complimentary blogs. Links that come as a result of sharing useful tips, news and ideas with others can attract traffic in the short term and boost your search engine rankings in no time.
  4. Be a Social Sharer: Social media accounts for nearly 30-40% of the traffic, which is huge. This traffic translates into a lot of linkbacks. As people access your site on social platforms, they will share it and link to it. So, never underestimate the power of social media and whatever you publish on the site share it with the social media.
  5. Guest Post on High-Quality Niche Sites: Though guest post alone is not recommended now, it is a great way of building your brand. If done in the right manner, it can expand your reach and earn authority in your niche.

Despite the constantly evolving nature of search engines and ranking methods, inbound links continue to be a significant influence on website rankings. The higher the quality of the link, the more authority that links passes on.

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