Facebook and Instagram have been facing glitches in the past two days i.e. November 19 and 20. The site refuses to load for some users. Both, being under the same broad network of companies, suffered issues. While the glitches persist for short duration, its impact can be felt worldwide as there are billions of people who access Facebook and Instagram every minute. Not just that, a trending hashtag has ascended shortly after the glitch, #FacebookDown on Twitter.

This has started quite a commotion among the online community, which has, however, been acknowledged by Facebook in due time. Some users complain of the “Live” feature being down, while others claim that they are unable to log into the account. Many are unable to access messages. Some websites have reported that Facebook Messenger is down globally. Messenger alone has been facing an increasing number of outrages since September. This has been happening amidst the revelation of a new feature by Facebook Messenger, which allows the users to delete a message from chat within 10 minutes of sending it.

A similar outrage happened in November 12, 2018 where the users visiting the website were met with “Sorry something went wrong message” and both Facebook and Messenger apps stopped functioning. These outrages have been frequenting since October, which has caused considerable panic among the online businesses, bloggers, and brands that were affected by these outrages. They rely heavily on these apps for executing their marketing strategies.  With these types of service interruption, a clear line of communication is to be maintained by the marketers, who are now resorting to alternative means of communication – Email.

Facebook has resolved the issue, but Downdetector has reported that Facebook may still be down in Toronto, Chicago, Washington, UK, France, Hungary, and Mexico.

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