The latest feature launch planned by Google will allow users to comment on the search results. The feature has not been rolled out yet, but a help document from Google has provided a description of how it would work.

You will need to go to or the Google app and search. Go to the overview box and click on ‘More’. Next, you will need to click on Comments and then viewers. Click ‘Add a public comment’ and proceed to enter the comment.

Users will also be able to post comments for live sports action.

It will make Google Search somewhat similar to social media platforms as it will allow the comments to be visible to the general public and they will be able to like or dislike them.

Be careful about what you post. If your comment goes against the policies stipulated by Google, it will be blocked and since you cannot post any anonymous comment it is necessary that you are logged in to your account to access this feature.

The help document states,“Your comments are public, so anyone can see what you write. The name on your About me page shows with your comments. You can’t add an anonymous comment.” However, there is a provision that you can delete your comment if you wish to do so.

Once this feature is rolled out, it will make the search function a completely different experience. We’ll have to wait and see if it is extended to additional content or not. If that is the case, it could completely alter the way Google is used. It is good that the policies do not allow any anonymous commenting and hence makes it easier to keep the process healthy and beneficial and clear from spamming.

Google has been actively rolling out new features and keeps us waiting in anticipation. It will be interesting to see the impact of this new feature.

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